News / 17.07.19

ASIO Evo teams up with the double Canadian Rally Champion!

led light bar rally car

As it carefully developed its products for future launch, ASIO Evo worked with its engineers and the largest rally team in Canada. Throughout the 2018 season, the TEST Racing team won races all over the country with the help of the ASIO Evo intelligent lighting systems, which were continuously tested and improved.

Quickly, the Cowansville race team members were able to confirm that ASIO Evo’s prototype lights were state-of-the-art technology that greatly enhanced night driving performance, a key step in auto rallies.

“The lights are incredible and super reliable. It’s easy and quick to install the ASIO Evo lights and they are very efficient with their revolutionary technology. It’s something we did not have with previous lights.” — Karel Carré, driver & 2018 Canadian Rally Champion

TEST Racing and ASIO Evo have come to an agreement for the 2019–2020 race season. The two Canadian champions, many of the team’s cars as well as customers will ride with the embedded intelligence LED lights as they consider them to be the best product available on the market. In the evening events, be it curves or accelerations & decelerations, ASIO Evo’s intelligent lighting system allows you to see exactly where you want to, adapting to driving to keep your horizon always lit.

ASIO Evo is therefore very proud to team up with this team to support their success across the country. It is by working with front-line runners that the company wants to continue to develop its products in order to offer state-of-the-art products to all off-road vehicle drivers.