Asio Evo offroad lighting


The ASIO Evo light’s tilt adjustment uses several sensors integrated in the LED light bars. They are an accelerometer and a gyroscope. They detect changes in direction and the vehicle’s movements. With this information, the integrated software starts a motor that adjusts the orientation and the light beam type along the vertical and horizontal axis. In other words, the ASIO Evo light bars adapt in real time depending on the environmental conditions and provide the necessary lighting exactly where the driver needs it. By means of its software and integrated motors, the ASIO Evo light bar is therefore completely autonomous.

Exceptional features

A Smart Light 

The ASIO Evo light reacts to changes in direction, inclination and deceleration. The lighting system adapts automatically to the trail conditions and the lighting needs while driving. A combination of alternating spot and flood lights is the result of the intelligent and autonomous system.


An Integrated Processor

The integrated microprocessor analyses in real time the information received from the sensors: accelerometer and gyroscope. The analysis includes all the changes in position of the vehicle: movement, angle, direction, inclination. The ASIO Evo light adapts based on the vehicle’s angle (while going up or down hill for example) and once a turn is initiated (change of direction). The direction and the conditions of the trail or course become the focus of the microprocessor.


A Real Time Stability

The ASIO Evo lighting system also uses the principles of reflectance. In short, it obtains the perfect orientation and dimension of the light beam. Of course, this is the result of the analysis of sensor information. The ASIO Evo reflectors were envisioned and designed to have all the advantages and features of the systems governed by reflectance principles. Without these, the ASIO Evo lights would not be the synonym of perfection that they have become.


A Versatile Lighting System

Here at ASIO Evo, we know that all vehicles are different and designed for several purposes. That’s why we have chosen to facilitate the installation of the light bars at different places on the same vehicle. The owner is master is the vehicle and it is up to the driver to choose the optimal lighting based on experience, needs and expectations. Therefore, the driver can choose the ideal position of the lighting system among the following:


The ASIO Evo light bars come in different lengths. Therefore, it is possible to choose them based on the vehicle and the chosen installation position. The objective is to obtain the perfect visibility adapted to the needs of the driving style.


A Plug and Play Lighting System

The ASIO Evo light uses only the 12-volt power from the vehicle. Installation is quick and requires only two wires. For those used to the Plug and Play technology, they will see that ASIO Evo lights meet exactly this requirement.