Why does the ASIO Evo light move when I it turns on?

The smart technology carries out a system check when the light is switched on. The slight nodding of the ASIO Evo light is its way of telling you that adventure awaits!

How does the tilt adjustment work?

The integrated sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope) detect variations in the vehicle’s position while in movement. The software turns on the motors to adjust the direction of the light beam along the correct vertical axis.

How does the transition between spotlight (narrow beam) and flood light (wide beam) work?

The integrated sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope) detect the change in direction. At this point, the ASIO Evo technology reduces the main light to turn on the auxiliary DELs and widen the light beam (flood).

Why does the switch have three positions, or why is there a third wire?

You can switch the ASIO Evo light to rock crawling mode using the three-way switch (on, off, transitional). When the momentary switch is activated, the light projects a wide beam aimed towards the ground.

Why is there moisture in the ASIO Evo light?

The ASIO Evo light was designed with a GORE-TEX™ membrane that balances pressure levels. If the ambient air is as humid or more than the air inside the light bar, moisture could enter the unit. There is no need to worry, because this moisture will dissipate on its own with time or shortly after you start your next ride.

Why doesn't the ASIO Evo light flash when it is turned on in winter?

In cold weather, the light does not adjust the tilt as soon as it is switched on. This precaution is meant to protect all the internal components, which require up to 15 minutes to warm up and function properly. To ensure optimal performance, switch the light off and on.

Why does my light flash five times?

The smart technology carries out a systems check when the light is switched on. If there is a problem, the light will flash five times. In such a case, cut off the power supply, and then switch the light back on. If the problem persists, consult the product user guide or contact the retailer.

Why does the ASIO Evo light dim whenever I am stopped?

The ASIO Evo’s mechanism to prevent overheating protects the light bar from excessively high internal temperatures. This power drop is a preventative measure when the vehicle is stopped. The mechanism turns off when the vehicle is in motion, and the light functions at full power.

Where can the light be placed on the vehicle (position on the vehicle)?
How do I align the ASIO Evo light when installing it?

One easy way to properly position the ASIO Evo light is to place the vehicle about 10 metres (30 feet) ways of a large surface (like a wall). Turn on the vehicle’s high beam lights, and this light projection then becomes your reference for adjusting the ASIO Evo light. Unscrew the 4 mm Allen screws and adjust the ASIO Evo’s light beam on top of your vehicle’s lighting. Don’t forget to wait a few seconds to allow your light to self-adjust its tilt before you retighten the screws.


  1. Place the ASIO Evo light and the vehicle 10 m from a wall.
  2. Turn on the vehicle’s high beam lights. The beam is your guide.
  3. Unscrew the 4 mm Allen screws in order to adjust the ASIO Evo light direction so that its beam covers the light beam provided by the original headlights.
  4. Allow the light 10 seconds to self-adjust.
  5. Retighten the fixing screws.


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